“You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”

John 8:32 I love this verse! This verse applies to God’s Word but I also think it applies when we sense the Holy Spirit and know He has revealed something to us (His children!). SO this is some revealed truth we are heading home on furlough with and we’re thankful. Recently I was reviewing our … [Read More]


I should be working on a newsletter but… My heart feels troubled. I’m a firm believer God gives us experiences to learn, grow, and glean, in order to help others. Naturally, I hope some of those experiences benefit my children someday when they are enduring a trial or two. In the past and in preparation … [Read More]

THE Opportunity

When the idea of Hareg House came about, it was after having sought out a reputable organization that had a developed program currently proving itself successful. Still yet, I had two major fears: funding and jobs for the women to attain after they graduated the program. Even in the process of meetings, planning, and coming … [Read More]

Vacation me!

“I’ve never been so ready for vacation!!!” I still feel bad feeling like that but the truth is… For the longest time vacation meant nothing to me. My family consisted of a single mom with 4 kids growing up. There certainly wasn’t extra money, not even for a weekend getaway. I value hard work and … [Read More]

Lurker Alert

I could just so distinctly feel him lurking… I think one of the greatest ways the enemy defeats us (particularly as Americans) is making us forget he exists. We don’t talk about Satan often. I think we are more likely to chat about unfortunate circumstances as “bad luck” or “just one of those days” or … [Read More]

To get a turtle or have a baby?

Just kidding, turtle vs. baby wasn’t quite the scenario but alas, one of our strangest and toughest seasons as a married couple has surpassed us yet… I’m sure there will be more but I’m super glad this one has come to a close. Too bad when we signed our marriage agreement it wasn’t also an … [Read More]

Holey Matrimony

I know I’m not exempt to spelling errors but I intended that title to say “holey” rather than “holy”. Holey, after all, is defined as “a hollow place in a solid body or mass.” You might be remembering my most recent post; it was a genuine open letter to my husband but I didn’t write … [Read More]

An Open Letter to My Husband

Dear Nick, Nearly everyday I see in you the effect of being raised in love and stability. Your maturity and grace makes me jealous and sometimes the way you display it so consistently down-right annoys me. Yet… I’m also consistently the undeserved recipient of that maturity and grace. Last Saturday when you confirmed an appointment … [Read More]


IMG_1713 It’s been a It’s been a lot of culture and quite the mixture of religion these past few days. I’m intrigued by it all and wonder how much I’m missing of what’s really going on around me. The streets were flooded with a sea of white nettelas, women with their heads covered and older … [Read More]