An Open Letter to My Husband

Dear Nick,

Nearly everyday I see in you the effect of being raised in love and stability. Your maturity and grace makes me jealous and sometimes the way you display it so consistently down-right annoys me. Yet… I’m also consistently the undeserved recipient of that maturity and grace.

Last Saturday when you confirmed an appointment and the gentleman showed up 2 1/2 hours late without so much as an apology; I wanted to punch you for not punching him. Really though. Your patience bewildered me. My furious texts ushering you to tell him off luckily, did not prevail. No, your patience and attitude won. Thank goodness.

You teach me all the time. You are a teacher with your life. Truly.

You are one of those people that people listen to when you speak… because unlike me, you’re not always speaking. You make sure what you say counts and it’s worth hearing. In fact, it’s comical to me when you are later concerned that what you said didn’t appear humble in some way. Yes, thats my husband.. the one married to a woman that reads a magazine article and becomes an expert on any given subject.

The times when you listen to my emotional blow ups, accusations, and fears, all most unwarranted I might add, and listen quietly taking it all in because you know I’m not thinking rationally… enough said.

Then there is your role as “papa, daddy, dad”… I heard you the other day singing Father Abraham, reading books, and giving piggy-back rides. I then heard you discipline Miah for a regular offense and I remembered the best decision I ever made for them: you. A man that isn’t too busy to play, tickle, or read, coinciding with a man consistent and loving enough to discipline a toddler who needs correction con-stant-ly.

No wonder she claims you as her “hub-sand”. I pray daily they forever hold men to your standard.

You may not think it, and it may not feel like it, but you excel at being a husband, a father, and servant of God with your daily “job”.

You may not think it, and it may not feel like it, but I still feel as lucky as that night we went out to Little Mexico.

You may not think it, and it may not feel like it, but I love you more than I ever did.


NOW, all thats not to say you are perfect; you’ve still never closed a sock drawer in your life and you could get lost in a walk-in closet but I guess I’m saying, knowing everything I know now, I’d still drive around wasting gas with you and gladly push close your sock drawer…again, and again, and again

.Nick's Surprise Father's Day/Birthday at the Biltmore!


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  1. Amanda, your letter is beautiful! How you and Nick continue to be so positive in an unbelievably un-positive situation is some how not comprehensible to me! I think of you often and pray for you all daily! The girls are growing up soo fast!

    Joshua and Anna (Brown) Miller, my son and daughter in law, recently gave me the most precious gift of this world. On January 12, 2016, they gave me a grandson, Branson Knox Miller! He has dark hair, and I pray, continues to keep Anna’s Blue eyes, but mostly is Joshua all over again! They were in Indiana last weekend for a short visit, to see Great-Grandma Miller and Grandpa Kurt, who had not been able to meet Branson yet. We had a good visit, and I along with several friends from church, had a baby shower/open house for them. That way all the family and friends could come to see them in one place and meet Branson.

    Anna is scheduled to go back to work on Monday, and Joshua is taking time off work (paid paternity time??) to stay at home with Branson until the end of the semester for Anna! So glad they were able to work it out, that way Branson will not have to be in daycare for a few more months, anyway.

    Kira, our daughter, will graduate from Johnson on April 30th. She has been accepted into an internship at a mini-mega church in Indianapolis starting in June with the children’s ministry there. She is excited to share Jesus with all the little ones.

    I must close for now. Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers daily. You are God’s light shining in the darkness! In Christ’s Love, Dalita

    • nadunn


      Thanks for this! I am just now seeing it. How nice to catch up on your kids and what they are doing. Congrats on the grand baby. How special! I too prayed my first baby would keep her daddys blue eyes but instead the 2nd kept them and in an even lighter shade! I appreciate just knowing you’ve read this and are praying! Blessings!


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