To get a turtle or have a baby?

Just kidding, turtle vs. baby wasn’t quite the scenario but alas, one of our strangest and toughest seasons as a married couple has surpassed us yet… I’m sure there will be more but I’m super glad this one has come to a close.

Too bad when we signed our marriage agreement it wasn’t also an agreement to always agree on everything. For instance;

what movie to watch on Friday,

               whether or not we should get a turtle,

                          where toenail clipping should take place,

                                        or having another child.

That last one is kind of a big one and it certainly had us in a tiff. In fact, you faithful readers may recall a one-liner in a recent
email newsletter asking for prayer “concerning family planning”. That was the most understated one-liner ever.

This is pretty much the face I got from Nick anytime I brought up another baby…

Before anyone points fingers I encourage you to point them upward (not even I could have schemed such a clever encounter and outcome, but thanks). The truth is, many people were praying and Nick and I were praying for God to bring us to the same page or at least make His answer clear. My fingers curl and retreat even as I type this because I KNOW all too well we pray many things and don’t receive the answer we so hoped for. I’m slowly learning God’s ways are not our ways and we just.never.know. I’m learning not to argue with the Potter and despite the outcome (that’s a tough one), determine that He is ultimately good. I know this is a sensitive and hard topic but after many months of specific prayer and the most specific answer I have ever received, I must give Him glory.

This baby was not an “oops” but we could replay the same scenario the rest of our lives and it would most likely never again result in a pregnancy. Yes, scientifically the chances were low but then again, God is the master of science. 🙂

We are excited to be home in October and this time take a full furlough through July 4th. Please continue to pray and lift our family in the next 6 months as we hope to get a lot done before heading home to tell you all about it!

Blessings, (and to all you that prayed, Well done 😉

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