Vacation me!

“I’ve never been so ready for vacation!!!”

I still feel bad feeling like that but the truth is…

For the longest time vacation meant nothing to me. My family consisted of a single mom with 4 kids growing up. There certainly wasn’t extra money, not even for a weekend getaway.

I value hard work and being busy and productive.

When I met Nick he and my in-laws introduced me to vacation. I started to see value in a time to look forward to as family and to just rest. Can you imagine I’ve never been good at taking a Sabbath either?

I now see TRUE value in these things. I’m rejoicing in the incredible blessing of being ABLE to afford a vacation. Never in my life would I have felt so comfortable saying I DESERVED a vacation until the mission field. I had no idea the exhaustion that can overtake one in just 6 months to a year. I have never experienced something so draining that it made me ineffective. Maybe even, paralyzed.

I have never seen true value in the Sabbath until being a missionary either. There HAS to be time to rest or the outlook on another week seems unbearable. That’s where I’m at. Vacation is a privilege, not to be taken for granted. It IS work when you can come back rejuvenated enough to get MORE work done.

I’m certainly not saying it is something just missionaries deserve but it took me being a missionary to be brought to a point where I realized I’m not invincible and I’m not too good or productive for a weekly Sabbath rest. It took me being a missionary to realize God designed it that way for a reason and it has humbled me to recognize my unproductivity when starved of that much needed rest.

His design is always far greater than ours and His Word directs us out of love. He knew the things we would confront in this world long before our existence.

I want to ultimately trust in Him, even when I’m busy resting.

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