THE Opportunity

When the idea of Hareg House came about, it was after having sought out a reputable organization that had a developed program currently proving itself successful. Still yet, I had two major fears:

funding and jobs for the women to attain after they graduated the program.

Even in the process of meetings, planning, and coming to an organizational agreement between CMF and EWAR, God was constantly giving me peace that He would provide. We don’t have the full amount needed for 3 years but we have half, which allows me some peace and a very thankful heart we can provide for our staff and the current cycle of women.

Now when it comes to jobs for the women, it’s still a very real real work in progress. We are creating relationships with programs that will accept them to learn hair, hospitality, and possibly housekeeping to be maids.

-This is an area that needs prayer. I ask everyday for the Lord to provide each woman stable work when they graduate.-

When I think back to where they were before the program, I think about the unemployment rate in Addis and how university students are struggling to find work. I think about how one of the women can’t read in Amharic, how others have no specific skills, or training and literally used what they had to work with (their bodies) to survive.

I’m overly grateful and humbled by each one of you that has invested in them. Do you understand you have given them an opportunity that they NEVER would have gotten otherwise? That they would have literally sold their bodies for sex until they ended up dead because that WAS the only option? I sometimes fear people will think they brought it on themselves or worse, that they even wanted to live like this. The truth is, Ethiopia doesn’t work like America. There aren’t loans given to go to college now and pay back later. Jobs are scarce and based on who you know. That means these women who have been estranged from their families have little opportunity. They have no one vouching for them. Even to work a serving job here in a decent paying restaurant you find only those having graduated with hospitality degrees. We can’t think in our context because their situations are like none you or I, or even our children will ever have to confront.

I don’t write this to say anything other than YOU have given them the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank-you for caring enough to give and pray. You have made a difference. You have given a woman her integrity and her LIFE back. You have given children their mom for many more years to come.


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