“You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”

John 8:32

I love this verse! This verse applies to God’s Word but I also think it applies when we sense the Holy Spirit and know He has revealed something to us (His children!).

SO this is some revealed truth we are heading home on furlough with and we’re thankful.

Recently I was reviewing our Donor Management report as I try to do every few months. This enables us to keep up with our support and make sure we are on track to support our ministry. I scrolled down the list to see so many of the SAME faithful names I have seen for 3 years now and even a few new. Seeing the same names is crucial because it means most likely these people are investing in something they believe in and care about. It’s humbling.

Almost instantly I felt feelings of inferiority and lies seeping in, “Are you doing enough to warrant these financial gifts?” “Is your ministry worth it?” “What if there are more effective missionaries they could be supporting?”

When I feel these feelings and feed into them it usually means trouble. It usually means I try to ramp up and force ministry to happen, going before the Lord and without prayer. It means I neglect my ministry as a mother and wife to “more important” outside ministry. I wind up stressed out and feeling guilty.

Truly then these cloudy thoughts cleared and I had a breakthrough in what could have been a very grey and personal rainy season.

  • “But the Hospice program probably wouldn’t have continued without Nick’s management at the time God directed us here.”
  • “But the Women At Risk office in Mekanisa wouldn’t exist.”
  • “But the Hangar and the work it accomplishes through local and socially conscious vendors wouldn’t exist.”
  • “But the neighbor kids coming on Fridays wouldn’t be hearing stories from the Bible.”
  • “But all the times Nick has preached and taught would have never happened”
  • “But our house workers families would be in completely different financial situations.”

Now, I believe God accomplishes His purpose rather we choose to be a part or not so maybe all of this still would have taken place, BUT we got to be a part of it.

And God gave me a glimpse of Truth to shut out the lies. I felt encouraged. I felt lifted as I thought positively and my day went in a very different direction than it could have. It’s not glory to US because we are here but glory to God and the work He is allowing us to do through those that are faithful in prayer and giving.



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