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But the greatest of these is love

If you read nothing else on this blog- Read this and learn about the mission.

Relationships: Every aspect of this mission will involved relationships. Right now we are focusing on building a team, making new relationships, and nurturing those we have. While we are in Ethiopia we will focus on building relationships with our team there as well as the Ethiopian people. A focus of my (Amanda) work will be to keep our team (friends & family) at home updated and as close to our ministry as possible.  I will faithfully update our blog and Facebook, send out emails and arrange Skype dates, and coordinate with CMF to send out a newsletter quarterly through snail mail.

Short Term Mission Trips: If Nick and I hadn’t had our mission experiences in Ivory Coast and Thailand/Burma we may have never discovered our calling to missions. We want other people to have the same opportunity to see another part of the world and experience God in a different place, in a different way. Even if you are not called to go into global missions, we are all called to support missions. Mission trips also give you a unique perspective and love for your brothers and sisters in Christ when you actually get to meet them!

CHE : Hospice Program- As you may know, Nick is currently a Hospice nurse here in Lafayette. We were pretty shocked and excited when we found out on our vision trip in October that this Hospice program had been proposed to the Ethiopian government. What is unique and exciting about this program is that, while there will be a small clinic/home base, the focus of the care will be to go out and meet those who are dying of HIV/Aids and cancer in their homes.

The specific objectives are:

  • Provide care of basic physical needs for individuals who are dying of HIV/AIDS and cancer. Attempt to prevent and relieve their suffering as evidenced by freedom from pain and improved comfort and personal hygiene as they die.
  • Educate, equip, and prepare families for the death of a loved one, resulting in greater family knowledge of the disease and death process of their loved one who is dying.
  • Teach and model home-based care during patient home visits resulting in greater family involvement in physical care of their loved one who is dying.
  • Most importantly, build a relationship through meeting this holistic need and then incorporate Christian principles to give them a solid foundation of the love and mercy found in Jesus Christ.

This is just a bit of the information concerning the Hospice program. If you would like to read over the entire proposal please email us! Currently, a clinic has been signed for, one Christian national nurse has been hired (eventual goal is 6) and a Christian national pharmacist has been hired as well. Training has already began as well!

Praying for the Hospice Program

Prostitution- Prostitution is a legal activity in Ethiopia. Young teenage girls are highly susceptible to this trade. Addis Ababa is often the life-long goal for those that live in the rural areas of Ethiopia. Many Ethiopians dream of someday making it to Addis and they believe that wealth and opportunities are waiting for them. The truth is, many come with no skills or education and are unable to find work… eventually they fall in to prostitution. However these women were led to prostitution, the important part is how can they be lead away from it.

Through building relationships and seeking opportunities to train them in another way to support themselves, we hope to do just that. This is a video by Mocha Club that is doing great things- check it out:

  • http://charbeck.net/blog/nonprofit/beyond-the-shame-prostitution-in-ethiopia-mocha-club-experience-africa/
This woman makes a living by spinning cotton into yarn!

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