Meet Asegedetch

Asegedetch is forty-eight years old and a mother of two. Her husband has passed away, leaving her to be the main income support for the family. She now works in her home sewing craft items such as pot-holders in order to provide for her two daughters, 12 and 24. She learned she was HIV+ nine … [Read More]

When Suspicions Arise: An Honestly Blog

I like dramatic blog titles if you can’t tell! Really though, this is quite the struggle. We are suspicious. I didn’t know becoming a missionary would take one of my deepest fears to its limit. I HATE being taken advantage of. As a child I was taken advantage of and after doing some soul searching … [Read More]

A story of shame and Tuberculosis

July was the month of Tubercolosis. In July, we saw TB rear its ugly head and infect two of our patients, one of which was Yesharig. Yesharig is fighting TB for the third time since her inception into our program. Thirty-sevn years ago Yesharig was born in the countryside of the Goajam region. When she … [Read More]

A micro-loan story

I just received his third payment. It’s working. His business is changing and progressing. Abdi, is our “M” microloan recipient. I want to give you a little background about Abdi. Abdi sells Samosas (lentil filled pastry). Abdi and his wife Mulu are HIV+. Mulu is a patient in our home care hospice program. Although our … [Read More]

What to Expect…

A baby!!!! Now I could stop there but I won’t :). Much discussion has gone into the details of “what’s next” since we found out we were expecting. My hope after having a natural and uneventful birth with Ramiah was that the next baby would be born in Ethiopia. After being here, discussing our options, … [Read More]

A Spirit of Fear

I do not give you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7 After reading this scripture last week (and having read it several times before) it hit me that WHEN we live with a spirit of fear, we are not able to live out of love or … [Read More]

He Goes Before…

While sometimes we feel like we’re “just doing language” and there is nothing to write home about… we started to reflect on all that God is doing while we “just do language”. Abdi is a gentleman whose wife, Mulu is in the Hospice Program. Neither Abdi nor Mulu know Christ as their Lord and Savior. … [Read More]

Mango Juice & Another Day

I had one of those days. The lock myself in the bathroom and avoid my snotty-nosed, tear-streaked face in the mirror, kind of days. I could go into the specifics of my frustrations but I’m sure you could predict them. Really, I would rather go into the specifics of a few days before. I was … [Read More]

The Quirky Things

Recognize, I said “quirky”. Not bad, just different, and even better than different, well- Quirky. These are things that are just different for us in daily life. Some are harder to adjust to than others, some we’re grateful for, and others maybe not so much but needless to say, this is a list about the … [Read More]

Holidays in Ethiopia (lots of pictures!)

Hey Everyone- I should do this more often but it takes an immense amount of time (aka patience) to download photos here. I would like to take you through a little journey with photos of our first holiday season in Ethiopia. Enjoy!                           … [Read More]